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WD ShareSpace: Replacing a Failed Drive with a New Model

I had a hard drive failure in my Western Digital ShareSpace 4TB NAS. I discovered that the drive model in the chassis was no longer available. The manual says that replacement drives must be the same “model and size.” For anybody wondering if you can use a different WD Caviar Green drive, it appears that […]

Cisco Config Backup Redux – SNMP This Time

We recently installed new routers and voice gateways, and I was torn between enabling telnet or figuring out a better way to perform my config backups. I’m still a big believer in security and free solutions, so I went on the hunt and dug into using SNMP. As it turns out, the hardest part about […]

Cisco SQL Query – Who can make long distance calls?

We restrict who gets access to make long distance calls to save money. As a result, when we designed our CUCM environment, we created separate Calling Search Spaces (CSS hereafter) for local, long distance, and international calling. Occasionally I’ll be asked to produce a list of the people who currently have access to make long […]

Inter-VLAN Wake on LAN

I was trying to get Wake on LAN (WOL) working across VLANs, and across WAN links. I found this Cisco article on the subject to be the most helpful, but it didn’t spell everything out as I’d hoped. This post aims to be a little more specific.   The first thing to do is to […]

Converting PCL to PDF and Adding Bookmarks

When we upgraded our student information system (SIS), I was charged with finding a way to retrieve all of the existing historical student transcripts from the old system and put them into a usable format. Using the proprietary menu, I ran several batch transcript exports (by graduation year) and discovered the the system outputs the […]

PowerTeacher Gradebook Preferences Won’t Open

This post is for you if: – You use PowerSchool’s PowerTeacher Gradebook, and the Preferences dialog box won’t open, AND – You use a read-only redirected desktop for your faculty. We noticed that PowerTeacher Gradebook worked fine, except for the preferences dialog box. When you click ‘Preferences’, nothing would happen. After some digging with Procmon, […]

Android Media Upload Issue – Solved

When I test drove the Android WordPress app, I had some issues uploading images: Post ID# 11 added successfully, but an error was encountered when uploading media: My solution was to correct the upload path in WordPress settings > media. Since this blog is hosted on a web host that graciously allows shell access, I […]

Cisco Config Backup on a Budget

With the new year in full swing, I thought it would be a good time to revisit some core concepts for good measure. Backing up Cisco device configurations is easy if you have software that does it for you, but what if you don’t? We don’t, and trying to convince the people in finance that […]


Cisco 6509 Temperature Monitoring with Cacti

Hey Everyone, I wanted to get some simple intake/exhaust temperatures monitored with Cacti, but I hit a few snags. While I realize perfectly well that this is extremely old information, I couldn’t find anything about it on the InterTubes, so I’m going to post it to this little blog. I have several 6509 engines, some […]

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Welcome to RackBuzz

Hello There. I’d like to welcome you to, a site for everything from tips & tricks to IT horror stories. I find my daily grind rife with interesting stories and various discoveries, so I wanted to establish a place to put it all down for the world to see. Who knows? You may find […]